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Introducing the Oclas Group Enamel Pin Badge, a refined accessory designed for the discerning professional. This badge isn't just an emblem of association with Oclas Consulting, it's a statement of elegance and commitment to excellence. Crafted with precision, it's an ideal symbol of your involvement in the innovative and transformative world of consulting.


Key Features:

  • Exquisite Enamel Finish: The badge showcases the Oclas Group logo in vibrant enamel, offering a glossy and eye-catching appearance that elevates your professional attire.
  • Secure Jeweller's Clutch: Each badge is equipped with a jeweller's clutch, ensuring it stays securely in place, whether attached to a lapel, tie, or bag.
  • Durability and Style: Constructed to endure daily wear while maintaining its polished look, the badge reflects the resilience and lasting impact of the Oclas brand.
  • Sophisticated Presentation: The enamel pin badge comes in a plush velour box, adding an extra touch of sophistication and making it a perfect gift for colleagues or as a personal keepsake.
  • Engraved Detail: At the back of each badge, is elegantly engraved, reaffirming the authenticity and connection to the Oclas community.
  • Symbol of Excellence: Wearing this badge signifies alignment with Oclas Consulting's principles of innovation, strategy, and transformative impact in the consulting sphere.


Why Choose the Oclas Group Enamel Pin Badge?

The Oclas Group Enamel Pin Badge transcends being a mere accessory; it's a symbol of belonging to a network of leaders and innovators. It's a subtle yet powerful emblem of your professional identity and dedication to excellence.


Ideal for Gifting and Personal Collection:

Encased in a luxurious velour box, this enamel pin badge is an exquisite gift for members of the Oclas community or as a collectible item that signifies unity and shared aspirations.


Order Your Badge Today:

Enhance your professional look with this elegant badge and embody the essence of Oclas Consulting in every setting. Visit Oclas Group Merchandise to secure your enamel pin badge.

Oclas Group Enamel Pin Badge – The Emblem of Excellence

SKU: 164115376135191
Excluding Tax
Agba: Purple
  • Style: Custom Soft Enamel pins

    Plating: Silver Metal

    Size: 1.25''          

    Package: Velour box     

    Accessory: Jeweller's Clutch


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