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Cultivating Equity: The Role of Employee Share Ownership in Reducing Disparity

On a brisk morning in London, the historic Mansion House served as the backdrop for a compelling Coffee Colloquy. Organised by the Esop Centre and the City of London, the colloquy was anything but routine. It addressed a profound issue at the heart of modern business practices: inequality. Our CEO and founder, Sheyi Lisk-Carew, was there, mingling with minds eager to unlock the potential of employee share ownership in levelling the socio-economic playing field.

The event was a vibrant tapestry of thought leadership, woven with the threads of expertise from speakers like Lord Mayor Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, Alexander Barr, and a host of specialists such as Damian Carnell, David Craddock, and Ifty Nasir. These luminaries shared insights on how financial participation via share ownership could empower individuals from the boardroom to the front line, advocating for a corporate culture that truly reflects the diversity of its workforce.

The colloquy dove deep into the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduced Inequality. The discussions highlighted how, despite significant progress in lifting billions out of poverty, a stark gap remains—a challenge that innovative financial mechanisms like employee share ownership could address. The presentations were not just theoretical musings but practical strategies and success stories that showed how equitability in ownership could enhance productivity and bridge the economic divide.

Sheyi Lisk-Carew, a Freeman of the City of London, found the discussions particularly resonant. Conversations with thought leaders like Sasha Molodtsov and David Craddock reinforced the belief that communication is key to driving equality forward. It's not enough for leadership to speak of change; they must embody it, ensuring actions mirror intentions.

As the colloquy progressed, it became clear that addressing inequality is more than a mandate—it's a mission that requires us to look beyond the board and see the broader picture of community and societal impact. The networking session buzzed with potential, as connections were forged and future collaborations considered. For Oclas Consulting, the event was a reaffirmation of our ethos: to be at the forefront of strategic innovation and equitable business practices.

After the formalities, the day also offered a moment of reprieve. It was Pancake Day, and across from the train station lay The Candlemaker, a local bar where Sheyi enjoyed a well-deserved cappuccino and a contemplative cigar. It was a time to reflect on the conversations of the day and the steps Oclas Consulting would take next.

In the spirit of the Lord Mayor's "Connect to Prosper" theme, Oclas Consulting remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering connections that catalyse sustainable progress and shared prosperity. We invite you, our clients and partners, to engage with us as we explore innovative solutions to create a more inclusive and resilient economic landscape.

To delve deeper into the discussions from the Coffee Colloquy and learn more about how Oclas Consulting is championing equity through strategic business practices, keep an eye on our blog for a detailed post-event analysis.

Together, we're not just shaping the future of business; we're defining the ethos of equity for generations to come.


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