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Environmental Management System Statement

Company Name: Oclas Consulting Date: October 4, 2023 Document Valid Until: October 4, 2024 Certification: In process for NS-EN ISO 14001 (Expected completion by Q2, 2024)

Introduction Oclas Consulting is committed to sustainable business practices that align with both our corporate mission and the global call for responsible environmental management. We are currently in the process of obtaining formal certification under NS-EN ISO 14001, but we have already proactively implemented an environmental management system (EMS) that meets and, in some cases, exceeds standard requirements.

We are also committed to offsetting our carbon emissions and reducing our impact on the environment. To this end, we have planted over 100 trees in the past year.

System Overview Our EMS is focused on the following key areas:

  • Resource Optimisation: We strive to reduce our consumption of resources such as energy, water, and paper. This includes implementing energy-efficient measures in our offices, using recycled materials whenever possible, and reducing waste.

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through initiatives such as conducting business virtually, promoting carpooling, and subsidising public transportation costs for employees.

  • Waste Management: We have a comprehensive waste management plan in place that emphasises recycling and composting. We also regularly train our employees on proper waste disposal practices.

  • Compliance with Legal and Other Requirements: We conduct regular audits and compliance checks to ensure that we meet or exceed all local, state, and national environmental regulations.

  • Supply Chain Management: We work with our suppliers to ensure that they are also following sustainable practices. We have established a supplier code of conduct that outlines our expectations in this area.

Environmental Plans We have developed a number of environmental plans to guide our work in each of the key areas listed above. These plans include specific targets and timelines for improvement.

Checklists We use checklists to ensure that we are consistently implementing our environmental policies and procedures. These checklists cover a range of activities, such as quarterly environmental audits, annual supplier reviews, and employee training.

Conclusion Oclas Consulting is committed to environmental stewardship. We believe that it is our responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment and to help create a more sustainable future. Our EMS is a key part of our efforts to achieve this goal, and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our environmental performance.

Benefits of Oclas Consulting's EMS

  • Reduced resource consumption

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Reduced waste generation

  • Increased compliance with environmental regulations

  • Improved supplier sustainability practices

Oclas Consulting's Commitment to the Environment Oclas Consulting is committed to protecting the environment and reducing its impact on the planet. We believe that it is our responsibility to operate our business in a sustainable manner and to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our EMS is a key part of our commitment to the environment. It helps us to identify and manage our environmental risks and impacts and to improve our environmental performance continuously.

We are also committed to offsetting our carbon emissions and planting trees to help the environment. In the past year, we have planted over 100 trees.

We are proud of our commitment to the environment, and we are committed to continuous improvement.

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