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Mindset For Successful Projects In Uncertain Times With Sheyi Lisk-Carew

Updated: May 9, 2022

"Having a good process in any organisation helps with creating efficiency, structure, better collaboration, and putting in place the necessary procedures to align to a company’s vision and mission." - Sheyi Lisk-Carew.

Last week we were joined by entrepreneur, philanthropist and consultant Sheyi Lisk-Carew. Sheyi is also the Founder of a new age consulting company, Oclas Group and a Business Strategy & Process Optimisation Consultant for Haig Barrett Partners. We were so excited to have Sheyi join us on Clubhouse for a power hour session on project management, business transformation and mindset for successful projects in uncertain times.

This is a topic Sheyi is very passionate about as he specialises in complex business transformation environments where communication, inspiration, and cultural empathy are crucial to progress a project or programme from initiation to a successful delivery within scope, budget, and time.

Project management is an extremely important part of any organisation, whether the business is large or small, they all have ideas they want to implement. The challenge with this is finding a structured approach to change, and this is where project management comes in.

"It's all about having a structured approach and the right skill set, expertise and procedures in place to make them [projects] successful. It's very critical to understand what makes a successful project from a mindset perspective, and how to ensure you have the right team and procedures in place." - Sheyi

Sheyi shared his experiences of project management and business transformation with key examples from global businesses he has worked with, including one of the largest utility companies in the UK.

🎙"We needed to understand what the client’s issues were, we called it the 'Blueprint phase' where we sat with them to tease out what the problems were, we come up with the solutions that would mitigate the issues."

🎙"By having clearly defined processes to understand how the organisation functions, we were able to gain insight into branches and how they all interact, communicate and what tools they use to do it."

🎙 "We were able to identify the functionality of the business and this helped lead them to realise that they have problems and need to streamline communication, interaction and structure...This was identified and defined by having clearly mapped out processes to see where the gaps were. This is the beauty behind processes."

The session also highlighted the importance of people, the teams involved in the project, and allowed them to see their significance in the organisation.

During the hour we also explored why projects might fail when they're done internally without the support of an external project manager and what knowledge a Project Management Office can bring to the day-to-day executives whilst reaching KPIs.

Thank you to Sheyi and all my fantastic Business Winners. You can listen to the full session on YouTube here.

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