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Our Partners Spotlight Of The Month

Updated: May 9, 2022

Haig Armaghanian, CEO and founder of Haig Barrett Partners (UK) and Haig Barrett Partners (USA), is an entrepreneur and strategic management consultant, well known as a trusted advisor to some of the world's biggest businesses.

Haig has worked in over 40+ countries and holds extensive international experience spanning over 30 years. His broad perspective means that he caters to clients from various walks of life and sectors. Passionate about partnerships that deliver lasting solutions. We have partnered with Haig’s company because we share common interests and values that marry with our company motto “a companion for your transformation journey”. We work closely with our clients to help them identify the problems and we offer sustainable and tailored solutions for them. We have confidence that when we leave after a completed project, the client is able to drive the company to outstanding results.

Haig who is a Freeman of the Company of Entrepreneurs dedicates his spare time building connections, hosting meaningful conversations and giving others an insightful perspective into business. He hosts a room on Clubhouse every Monday at 7 pm GMT called “Haig’s Business Winners”, where he leads conversations with business experts from diverse industries. These industry experts range from entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs and speak on many topics such as business transformation, strategy, successful entrepreneurial routines and growth in leadership. The aim of these rooms on Clubhouse is that everyone can learn and adopt a thing or two from the next person, which might, in turn, help them in their own growth. More importantly, everyone is welcome to join.

Haig recently hosted a private Supper Club dinner at the Savile Club with his friends, business associates and new partners to connect with one another over drinks and dinner, talking about profitable ventures and partnerships for the coming year (2022). It was a time for everyone to be merry and put their feet up after a rewarding year.

When Haig isn't holding Clubhouse sessions or hosting dinners, you'll find him in the studio recording for his podcast 'Other side of The Business Card'. Haig's mission with this show is to give you access to the mindset and thought processes of some of the world’s top leaders to discover what drives these innovative individuals. He explores how they create and run multi-million-pound companies, what strategies they use to scale businesses and what knowledge and insights allow them to create successes, across all areas of their lives, not just in the boardroom. You can find out more and listen to past episodes here

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