The Importance Of Processes And Structure In Growing Businesses

Every small business reaches a point in time where the business is growing exponentially and is ready to move to the next stage. This could be when they start searching for funds, received funds or are organically growing.

With the growth of the business, income and profits increase there are many other aspects that grow and change, which are overlooked.

One aspect which is overlooked or not considered is the processes and tools which are used, it is crucial that these are set up effectively and efficiently to allow for a successful growth phase.

As a small business, the flexibility and knowledge are high, there are fewer people in the team and there is the ability to directly manage products, services or customers. With a growth phase the size of the team, the number of products and customers increases, the flexibility disappears, and micromanaging becomes a bottleneck.

If the processes and tools are not built for the increases, it can have a detrimental effect on the growth of the business.

In order to ensure a successful phase, companies need to build in processes and tools which support flowing day to day operations, paying attention to this is beneficial in the following ways:

  • The growing business can maintain the original ethos and objective of the business

  • Not lose the good aspects of the business which brought it to this stage (such as personal feelings and customer service)

  • Standardise the processes, ensuring customers receive consistently good quality services/products

  • Easier to train new team members

If you are in a growth phase business, ensure to not only focus on funding, customer growth and marketing but give time and attention to the processes and tools which are needed to conduct day to day business in the most effective and efficient manner.

Oclas can work with you to review, define and implement required processes and tools. To find out more visit our website www.oclasgroup.com or contact us at admin@oclasgroup.com.

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