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The Superbrain Seminar

Following on from the successful business analysis seminar, we are pleased to announce our next seminar in partnership with Superbrain.

How do you capture information, and understand and process information?

Superbrain is a company that provides training and tools to improve your brain performance, we recently attended their seminar and found elements of the cognitive performance programme are very relevant for people who are working in Strategy and Transformation roles.

The evening will focus on the aspect of ‘Acquisition’ around the job of a transformation consultant. How do you capture information, understand and process information?

In the seminar, you will hear more about the programme and gain an understanding of the relevant elements.

Come along and learn about improving your performance at work and outside.

For more information about Superbrain, visit -

For more information about Oclas Group, visit -

To get your tickets, CLICK HERE

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