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Oclas Startup Package (OSP)

At Oclas Consulting, we understand the unique challenges faced by startups and small businesses, which is why we have developed the Oclas Startup Package (OSP). The OSP offers a comprehensive suite of quick services designed to address the diverse needs of growing companies, setting them on the path to success. Here are some key features of the OSP

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Startup Package



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Empowering Startups and Businesses to Thrive Overview:

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Oclas Consulting offers a range of quick services that can benefit startups and small businesses.

George Jeffers, UK

“Consulting is more than just giving advice! That adage has been very much to the fore in all interactions we have had with Oclas no matter the size of request. The wealth of knowledge and due care taken to ensure we were provided with seamless relevant solutions/services to our circumstance. Has only been top notch and crucial in improving our effectiveness to internally & most importantly with our clients."

Charlene Blackwood, UK

"I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received from Oclas Consulting. They have a deep understanding of their craft and have done a great job communicating with me through the process. I have been working with them for 4 months and have clearly seen their impact. I recommend them to anyone looking to establish an online presence and expect to continue working with them as long as I am in business."

Feso Bright, NGN

"Oclas consulting is led by one of the most innovative entrepreneurs I know. The business has always been on the cutting edge- adapting to change and consistently innovating. I am excited at what the future holds as Oclas contributes on leading business into the metaverse era."
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