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1Club Meeting Summary

On Wednesday, the 17th of August, Oclas Consulting attended a Web3-centred event, Hosted by The 1 Club in collaboration with XCHG.

We were joined by entrepreneurs, experts and pioneers from all over the world, the majority being specialists within the Web3 space.  We met Blockchain technology developers, VR and AR technology innovators, and NFT project starters, all of whom have succeeded within their areas of expertise.

A section of our meeting included web3 figureheads Mona Tiesler and Abbas Kazmi, leading a Q and A session, followed by a comprehensive overview of the Metaverse space and some predictions/analysis for where Metaverse technology is leading us.

Mona is a Venture Capital investor focused on Web3/decentralised business models with an extensive background in business development and entrepreneurism.

Abbas is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur who founded his first of many companies at 16 and has been recognised by the likes of Forbes 30Under30 Standout, Maserati 100 etc. He is an advisor for the UK government as a co-founder/Board Member of the APPG for the Metaverse and Web 3.0.

The topics discussed revolves around Metaverse real estate, the invocations and applications within VR and AR technology and the future of the Metaverse. One of the points raised addressed corporate meetings and other forms of ‘get-togethers’ in a professional environment, expanding on the utility and effectiveness that AR and VR technology brings to the table for customers using services such as ours.

This event gave us fresh insight into the scale, usefulness and overall relevance of what Oclas Consulting is achieving. This new AR technology that we implement into our service vastly improves the customer experience and will certainly become the standard for consultants worldwide within the near future.

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