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Transforming Operations for an Oil and Gas Super Major in the North Sea

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Client Background

A UK-based Oil and gas Super Major, established in 2004, embarked on a comprehensive initiative to define, design, and deploy a Global Backbone template. This template integrated Maximo v7.5 for work management with SAP for inventory, procurement, and financial reconciliation. The challenge lay in seamlessly applying this template to the North Sea (NS) Region, a mature Business Unit (BU) comprising 30 distinct assets, including the critical Forties Pipeline System (FPS). FPS connects upstream oil and gas platforms to Scotland and the INEOS Grangemouth refinery, making it a vital component of the company's operations.


The project's Fit-Gap Appraise phase held immense significance for the NS Region, particularly in aligning Maximo v5.1's heavily customised modules with the incoming Upstream segment-wide Work Management template in Maximo v7.5 & SAP ECC6. The key objectives were:

  • Adapting the global template to meet the specific requirements of FPS and its linear assets.

  • Identifying key business processes and workflows in the NS BU requiring modifications.

  • Assessing current third-party systems for integration or necessary change requests.

  • Preparing stakeholders for the transition to a new upstream-segment working model.


Our CEO provided expert Systems Architecture and oversight throughout the Appraise stage. This involved meticulously confirming functionalities, data, and integration for both Maximo and SAP, with a particular focus on FPS and its linear assets. The primary goal was to ensure minimal disruption to the NS Region's operations while accommodating the unique needs of FPS. Key aspects of the approach included:

  • Conducting a detailed analysis of FPS's requirements and how they differ within the NS BU.

  • Engaging stakeholders extensively to ensure a smooth transition and garner buy-in for the new system.

  • Overseeing integration and functionality across Maximo and SAP platforms to ensure seamless data exchange and process alignment.

Business Impact and Value Delivered

The project yielded substantial benefits for the client, including:

  • Uninterrupted Upstream & Midstream Business Processes: The transition to the new system was executed flawlessly, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maintaining business continuity.

  • Strategic Utilisation of Maximo: Maximo was effectively leveraged to meet strategic goals, aligning with the operational practices of Upstream and midstream companies.

  • Cultural Shift: A complete cultural transformation was facilitated, shifting from a North Sea-centric approach to a globally unified Work Management System (WMS).

  • Enhanced Infrastructure Resilience: An upgrade from NS Blades to Global WMS Blades significantly improved overall system resilience and reliability.

  • Improved Data Visibility: Enhanced data visibility and a revised location hierarchy for consolidated assets empowered data-driven decision-making.


Oclas Consulting's engagement with the Oil and gas Super Major in the North Sea Region showcases the critical role of strategic system architecture and careful stakeholder management in successfully transitioning a complex, multinational operation to a unified global template. This case study highlights Oclas Consulting's and the CEO's deep expertise in navigating the complexities of large-scale business process transformations within the highly specialised oil and gas sector.


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