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Hydrogen's Spectrum: Decoding Economic Hues at the 18th Ezra Memorial Lecture - A Report by Oclas Consulting

Oclas Consulting was proud to attend the prestigious 18th Ezra Memorial Lecture, "The Future of Hydrogen: The Ends of the Rainbow?" held at Imperial College London on March 13th, 2024. Professor Michael Mainelli, Lord Mayor of the City of London, delivered the captivating lecture, which shed light on the complex economic landscape surrounding hydrogen, a colourless gas with a surprisingly colourful future.

Demystifying the Rainbow: Economics Behind the Colors of Hydrogen

Professor Mainelli's expertise transformed a seemingly technical subject into a captivating exploration of the "optics of economics" driving hydrogen's potential. From blue and green hydrogen (produced through different methodologies) to the various shades in between, each colour signifies unique production, storage, and usage considerations, ultimately influencing how the hydrogen market interacts with carbon trading.

Beyond Theory: Actionable Insights for a Sustainable Future

The event wasn't just about theoretical discussion. Professor Mainelli delved into practical applications, highlighting the use of option theory and learning curves to analyze hydrogen economics. This approach offers a clearer path to understanding and unlocking the potential of this promising energy carrier.

A Multi-Dimensional Conversation

The lecture was further enriched by a distinguished panel discussion featuring Jon Clark (EY), Professor Stephen Skinner (Imperial College London), and Dr. Angela Needle (Cadent). Their diverse perspectives underscored the multidimensional nature of the hydrogen transition, which encompasses not just technology and science but also robust economic frameworks and market structures.

Oclas Consulting: Navigating the Hydrogen Economy

As leaders in strategic consulting with a deep commitment to sustainability, Oclas Consulting resonates strongly with Professor Mainelli's message. Understanding the economic intricacies of energy resources like hydrogen is crucial for businesses looking to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving environmental landscape. Oclas Consulting stands ready to assist businesses in navigating these complex dynamics, drawing insights from influential gatherings like the Ezra Memorial Lecture to ensure your strategies are future-proofed and responsive to the changing tides.

Africa's Role in the Hydrogen Economy

While the lecture focused primarily on the global hydrogen economy, Africa presents a unique opportunity for this clean energy source. With vast renewable resources and a growing energy demand, Africa could become a major producer and user of green hydrogen. Oclas Consulting is actively engaged in supporting African nations in developing their hydrogen strategies, leveraging our expertise to unlock the continent's potential in this exciting new market.

Looking Ahead: A Sustainable Future Fueled by Informed Strategies

The discourse on hydrogen continues to evolve, and Oclas Consulting is committed to staying at the forefront. We actively participate in and contribute to these discussions, fostering thought leadership and inspiring actionable strategies for a sustainable future. The Ezra Memorial Lecture, with its focus on both intellectual depth and practical relevance, perfectly embodies this approach.

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Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to explore the evolving hydrogen landscape!


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