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Oclas and Client Hot Air Balloon UAE at the WTM London

Updated: May 15, 2023

Responsible tourism has become an area of research and practice among stakeholders in the tourism industry, and more tourists are becoming increasingly aware of their social and corporate responsibility. Still, the main aspects of ensuring responsible tourism are strategic planning and management.

Oclas Consulting | Oclas Group, was present at WTM London along with our clients Hot Air Balloons Dubai and other well-known motivational speakers, celebrities, and top industry leaders from a variety of sectors such as destinations, travel technology, airlines, hospitality, and responsible tourism.

The speakers were remarkable. Harold Goodwin, Jane Ashton, Hazel McGuire, Nadine Pinto, Gavin Brooking, and Stelian Simion Iacob discussed how businesses could best respond and avoid greenwashing.

Tanya Beckett, Daniel Silva, Matthew Callaghan, Christopher Warren, PhD., Harold Goodwin, Arvind Singh gave much insight into the Growing Consumer Demand for Responsible Tourism

With the transition to renewable sources of energy, issues around how airlines will reorganize to achieve productivity, sustainability and new destination demands were addressed in the session with Anna Stewart, Tom Grundy, Kata Cserep, Haldane Dodd and Philippe Delleur

Oclas Group works with Tourism Industry stakeholders at all levels to achieve and maintain sustainable operations by working to find better ways to satisfy necessities without compromising future generations​.

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