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OCLAS Consulting at the Forefront: Navigating the Bloomberg-powered Qatar Economic Forum

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

OCLAS, an international leader in the energy and utilities sectors with a sustainable approach to consulting, recently had the honour of participating in the illustrious Qatar Economic Forum, a phenomenal event engineered by the extraordinary team at Media City Qatar. This forum, a tangible reflection of Qatar's steadfast commitment to shaping global economic conversations, has seen us profoundly privileged to contribute to this pivotal endeavour.

We must commence by extending our heartfelt admiration and recognition to Media City Qatar. Under the astute and visionary leadership of Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Media City Qatar has firmly established itself as a cornerstone in global economic dialogues. Sheikh Ali's leadership, a perfect blend of foresight, innovation, and a deep understanding of the economic landscape, was evident in the impeccable organisation of the Qatar Economic Forum.

Under his discerning guidance, an exemplary team brought this groundbreaking event to life. The competence and dedication shown by Salman Mohammed Ali Kaldari, Nasser Ali Al-Kaabi, Ahmad Mohammad Al Sayed, Ghina El Aker, Noor Al Tamimi, and a host of other professionals, set new benchmarks in event facilitation and management.

Their remarkable ability to foster meaningful dialogue on pressing economic, financial, and technological issues has raised the bar, earning accolades from all corners of the globe. The team's meticulous planning and innovative approach have not only guaranteed the forum's success but also reinforced Media City Qatar's reputation as a hub for substantive global discourse.

Sheikh Ali and his team's contributions extend beyond the confines of the forum. They have emerged as a beacon of inspiration for the industry, exemplifying the transformative power of strong leadership, effective teamwork, and unwavering dedication to a cause.

The world will undoubtedly be keenly observing Sheikh Ali and his dynamic team, eagerly anticipating their continued influence on global economic conversations. At OCLAS, we are honoured to have been part of this journey and eagerly look forward to future collaborations.

In a similar vein, the Qatari government's commitment to fostering a vibrant economic landscape is commendable. Their efforts to stimulate dialogue and encourage collaboration on such a grand scale reflect the nation's forward-thinking and ambitious vision.

The forum afforded us the unique opportunity to engage with numerous industry leaders, enriching our understanding and contributing to discussions on various economic issues. It was an excellent platform for sharing ideas, gaining insights, and exploring potential collaborations with counterparts from different corners of the globe.

Our interactions with President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, and President Mario Abdo Benítez of Paraguay offered deep insights. Their perspectives on the unique challenges and opportunities in their respective economies broadened our understanding of the global economic landscape. Their fervour for driving economic growth and commitment to implementing innovative strategies was truly inspiring.

Additionally, our conversations with H.E. Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, Minister of Petroleum of Qatar, H.R.H Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al-Saud, Minister of Petroleum of Saudi Arabia, and H.E. Hayan Abdul Ghani Alsawad, Deputy Prime Minister of Oil for the Republic of Iran, were incredibly thought-provoking. The energy sector is a critical cog in the global economic wheel, and these discussions have given us a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this sector. These exchanges will undoubtedly shape our strategies in the energy sector, particularly in sustainable energy solutions.

The forum's animated discussions spanned a broad spectrum of topics, from technology and innovation to energy and finance, serving as a fertile breeding ground for transformative ideas. These ideas, catalysed by the rich exchange of perspectives, hold immense potential to propel the global economy forward.

Our founder, director, and CEO, Sheyi Lisk-Carew, has always been deeply committed to engaging in meaningful economic discourse. This commitment was evidenced by OCLAS's active participation in the Qatar Economic Forum. This experience further solidifies our belief in the transformative power of dialogue, collaboration, and shared understanding to tackle global challenges. We extend our profound gratitude to Media City Qatar, the government of Qatar, Bloomberg, and all the industry leaders who contributed to the successful execution of this momentous event. The insights we gleaned and the relationships we forged during the forum will undoubtedly inform our strategies and initiatives in the forthcoming years.

The event's dynamic discussions covered a broad spectrum of topics, from technology and innovation to energy and finance. Serving as a rich breeding ground for ideas, the forum has the potential to push the boundaries of the global economy.

Our participation at the Qatar Economic Forum is a testament to our dedication to promoting meaningful global economic discourse. This experience further solidifies our belief in the transformative power of dialogue, collaboration, and shared understanding to tackle global challenges. Our deepest gratitude extends to Media City Qatar, the Qatari government, Bloomberg and all the industry leaders who contributed to the successful execution of this grand event. The insights gained and relationships nurtured during the forum will undoubtedly inform and influence our strategies and initiatives in the forthcoming years.

In the ever-changing landscape of the energy and utilities sectors, forums like these are instrumental in fostering collaboration, sparking innovation, and driving sustainable growth. We are eager to implement the valuable insights garnered from these discussions into our consulting practice and look forward to contributing further to global economic dialogue. As a leading consultant in sustainable energy solutions, OCLAS is optimistic about the future and the role we will play in it.

As we reflect on the experiences and insights gained from this momentous event, we remain inspired by the vision and commitment of all participants. We're enthusiastic about the potential collaborations and opportunities that lie ahead of us, and we're excited to be part of the ongoing conversation shaping the future of the energy and utilities sectors.

Finally, we believe that the Qatar Economic Forum served not just as a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas but also as a testament to the enduring commitment of nations and organisations, such as OCLAS Consulting, towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. As Sheyi Lisk-Carew aptly puts it, "Together, we're not just discussing the global economy – we're shaping it."

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