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Oclas Metaverse Service Offering

Updated: May 9, 2022

The word ‘Metaverse’ means ‘beyond the universe’, and Oclas Metaverse is at the forefront bridging the gap between Augmented Reality (AR) and real-life experience. We do this by integrating the activities in the metaverse with real-life experiences, giving your business the required visibility so it can be accessed by all in the metaverse.

There are over 47 million daily active users globally using the metaverse. This industry was worth $46 billion in 2020. $10 billion has already been invested in Metaverse by Meta (Facebook)’s Reality Labs segment, and it is considered the ‘future’ by Meta (Facebook) and many others.

For more information about us, visit or email

We offer the following Marketing packages for the Metaverse:

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