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Oclas Partners with AnniQ

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

We have an expert eye on the innovative changes in the digital space. Our team strives to stay on top of digital tools that would benefit your business, and you can trust us to recommend a sure plug for analyzing your business data.

AnniQ a data-driven company, are our recent partner led by Jean Bernier. AnniQ's website can be found here.

For all subscribers of the Oclas Three-Tier Consulting offering, Oclas covers the first month of the Analytics + Mentoring Services Anniq offers. This gives you one analytics execution and full access to dashboards. Data uploading by files and two mentoring sessions with a member of the AnniQ team on data-driven strategies and insights.

  1. 30 days of access to the AnniQ platform.

  2. Access all the dashboards and analytics, which are:

    1. Clients with the next purchase, churn and Client view.

    2. Segmentation, with seven behavioural segmentations analytics and segment performance.

    3. Revenue, with forecast and business efficiency.

    4. Market, with UK data market and global.

  3. Can update the analytics one time in the month trial.

  4. Data connection by file uploading.

  5. Two mentoring sessions with AnniQ:

    1. Kick-off session for onboarding and connecting the data.

    2. Mentor session one: For reviewing the analytics and find business opportunities.

    3. Mentor session two: Validate results and improve actions for the business.

Head on to the AnniQ + Oclas Page to check out the amazing ways real Data analysis can help your business. From pertinent issues like customer behaviour to how you can use Artificial intelligence to solve real-life situations and scale your business and increase sales.

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