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Decarbonisation Strategies:

Transitioning to a Net-Zero Energy System

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Service Description The climate crisis is a ticking time bomb, and the energy sector stands at a critical juncture to influence positive change. Our recent webinar dived into advanced decarbonisation strategies that aim to expedite the transition to a net-zero energy ecosystem. We had the pleasure of hosting key industry figures like Effiong Okon, Director of New Energy at Seplat Energy, and Sheyi Lisk-Carew, CEO and founder of Oclas Group. Together, they dissected the pressing topics that the energy sector faces today as it navigates the complex journey towards a more sustainable future. Webinar Replay Did you miss the live session? No worries! You can watch the full session here: About the Webinar The webinar tackled a range of important subjects: - The current landscape of decarbonisation and its challenges and opportunities - A review of successful decarbonisation strategies from a global perspective - The pivotal role that technology can play in promoting sustainable practices - The imperative of industry collaborations and partnerships in driving change - Measurement techniques and tracking methods for assessing progress towards net-zero goals The discussion was not just informative but interactive, allowing participants to contribute questions and share valuable insights. Takeaways Participants left the webinar armed with: - A nuanced understanding of the current status and future direction of decarbonisation initiatives - Knowledge of technological innovations contributing to the decarbonisation of the energy sector - The importance of fostering collaborations across industries and governmental bodies to meet climate goals - Practical methodologies to track and measure net-zero progress, enabling data-driven decision-making Conclusion The webinar served as a robust platform for dissecting the complexities of transitioning to a net-zero energy system. It provided a snapshot of both the hurdles that lie ahead and the existing solutions that can be scaled for global impact. With insights from industry stalwarts like Effiong Okon and Sheyi Lisk-Carew, the session was not just educational but empowering, providing participants with the knowledge and conviction to become agents of change in their respective sectors. If you missed it, do catch the replay and join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future.

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