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A Global Dialogue for Change: Insights from the Doha Forum with Oclas Consulting

At the heart of Qatar's vibrant capital, the 21st Doha Forum unfolded, a gathering of global minds united in their pursuit of a sustainable future. For Sheyi Lisk-Carew, the founder and CEO of Oclas Consulting, this event was not just another business conference; it was an opportunity to connect with esteemed leaders and contribute to shaping a more just and prosperous world.

Invitation to Shape the Global Stage

Sheyi's presence at the forum showcased the growing influence of Oclas Consulting in the global arena. The invite extended by HE Sheikh Ali bin Abdulla Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Media City, acknowledged the firm's expertise in strategy and process improvement, making it a valued partner in addressing complex global challenges.

The esteemed attendees at the forum, including H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Bin Jassim Al Thani, the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, and HE Sheikh Tamim ibn Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, underscored Qatar's unwavering commitment to playing a pivotal role in global peace and development.

Engaging Minds, Crafting Solutions

Throughout the forum, Sheyi actively participated in thought-provoking sessions, engaging with renowned leaders and experts from diverse fields. In the 'Decoding the Debt Dilemma' session, he delved into the intricacies of global debt management, advocating for the integration of management consulting to develop sustainable economic policies. This particular panel featured eminent personalities such as H.E. Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, Qatar's Minister of Finance; Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank; and Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum. The session was expertly moderated by CNBC's anchor and correspondent, Dan MurphySheyi pondered the integration of management consulting in shaping sustainable economic policies across multiple regions. 

In the session titled 'Energy Security and Economic Stability in Turbulent Times', Sheyi  engaged in a vital discussion about the importance of energy security as a cornerstone of global stability. His perspective on the significant role consulting plays in enhancing energy efficiency and optimising resource management struck a chord with those present. Esteemed panelists like H.E. Alibek Kuantyrov, the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, the Former President of the Republic of Croatia; and Victor Gao, Esq., Vice President of CCG and Chair Professor at Soochow University, contributed their expertise. The session was adeptly moderated by CNN Correspondent, Melissa Bell. Sheyi's contributions highlighted the intricate relationship between energy management and economic resilience, underscoring the relevance of strategic consulting in these challenging times.

In the session on 'BRICS Rising Influence', Sheyi Lisk-Carew attentively absorbed the insights shared by a panel of distinguished global leaders. The discussion, centered around the shifting global order and BRICS' expanding role, featured profound contributions from H.E. M.U.M Ali Sabry, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka; H.E. Mesganu Arga Moach, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia; H.E. Erika Mounyes, Chair, Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Advisory Council; and Victor Gao, Esq., Vice President, CCG; Chair Professor, Soochow University. The dialogue, adeptly moderated by journalist and anchor Gustau Alegret from NTN24, offered Sheyi valuable perspectives on the intricate dynamics of global politics and economics, highlighting the strategic role of management consulting in understanding and navigating these complexities.

The 'Inclusive Economic Systems for Sustainable Growth' session struck a personal chord with Sheyi, as a father of triplet girls committed to gender equality and women's empowerment. His passionate discussion on the importance of land ownership rights for women underscored his dedication to building a more equitable world.

Challenger of Paradigms, Facilitator of Change

Sheyi's inquisitive nature and willingness to challenge conventional thinking were evident throughout the forum. His first question, questioning the effectiveness of short-term environmental policies in Africa, challenged the status quo and opened up a constructive dialogue.

His second question, highlighting the synergy between governmental actions and management consulting in fostering sustainable energy and economic stability, demonstrated his deep understanding of the world's complex challenges.

Committed to Global Impact

As the Doha Forum drew to a close, Sheyi left with renewed purpose and a clearer vision for the role of Oclas Consulting in shaping a better future. The event reaffirmed the firm's commitment to being a driving force for positive change.

Oclas Consulting stands at the forefront of a global movement that recognises the transformative power of management consulting in addressing pressing challenges and driving sustainable development. The firm's expertise and unwavering commitment to ethics and responsible practices position it as a trusted partner in shaping a more equitable and prosperous world.

With renewed determination, Sheyi and Oclas Consulting are poised to take on the challenges ahead, working alongside global leaders and organisations to build a brighter, sustainable future for all.

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