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An Afternoon At The University Of Westminster

Updated: May 9, 2022

At Oclas, we are always grateful to share our expertise and support future industry leaders. We had the pleasure of doing this with the students at the University of Westminster recently.

Oclas Consulting was invited to give some time to talk to students about their university projects and provide advice information on how they propose to take their projects forward and essentially help them with some problem solving where required.

One of the important steps when putting together a project proposal is a project charter. At the point of meeting the students, they had this signed off as if in the real world and moved into the next phase of defining, dissecting and then outlining the client’s problem with the use of data they had collected. Furthermore, the data gathered was analysed using analytical tools so that they can then offer the clients a solution to the problems they have worked on.

Some of the project types surrounded the subject areas of supply chain management, product production, pitching products to large retailers and manufacturers.

A very rewarding session, and a special thanks to the Company of Entrepreneurs and the University of Westminster for always being a the forefront of supporting upcoming entrepreneurs.

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