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Bloomberg Equality Summit 2022

Updated: May 15, 2023

The Woman King is an amazing movie. We can all agree Viola Davis gave an excellent performance, but this post is all about Bloomberg LP #Equality #Summit and their initiative to drive Equal Opportunities and build a fair future.

Oclas Consulting | Oclas Group was honoured to interact with business leaders, policymakers and innovators at the #BloombergEquality Summit 2022.

The talk between Mark Miller and Naza Alakija was really touching and informative. Naza really elaborated on the challenges women face in Iran and how we can all assist.

It was also amazing to meet Sharon White Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership who share so much insight on her journey and it was inspiring hearing about her journey and how she impacts the sector.

Another highlight was meeting with the author of the book The Woman King Sylvia Serbin and the producer of the movie Maria Bello both great creative contributors to the success of the movie.

The conversation led by Paula Fry with Saska Graville, Danielle Harmer, Lee Chambers and Paula Fry on #Menopause in the city was extremely insightful and so much was learned. We at Oclas will definitely ensure the women in our business are listened to everywhere we have projects.

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