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Maverick Masterclass Series in Association with The Company of Entrepreneurs

The Company of Entrepreneurs organized a Maverick Masterclass Series featuring Tomas Halgas. Oclas Group was honoured to hear Tomas Halgas share a few secrets to his success as a tech entrepreneur in the area of social networks.

Tomas Halgas co-founded the community messenger Sphere, where he spent 6 years developing communication and community technologies. After six years and over $30M in investments from the world’s best investors, he subsequently sold the company to Twitter last year. He now works for Twitter as a technology strategist while consulting startups.

The Masterclass was hosted by the amazing Rick Lowe of The Company of Entrepreneurs. Rick Lowe remains a great host and interviewer. He is a founder and past Master of The Company of Entrepreneurs affiliated with the City of London Corporation.

As a Freeman of the City of London, The CEO and Founder of Oclas Group, Sheyi Lisk-Carew (Freeman, MBA, MSc, CEng.BEng (Hons)) was present at the in-house exploratory conversation with Rick and Tomas Halgas about their journey in business. According to him " I'd been looking forward to this event and now that I have attended there is just one thing I'm sure of -The Company of Entrepreneurs has been of tremendous support to me during the highs and lows of Entrepreneurship".

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