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Oclas Consulting Attends Bloomberg Design + Make: A Gathering of Creative Minds for a World in Flux

Subtitle: A Gathering of Creative Minds for a World in Flux - Discussing Challenges and Opportunities in Design, Manufacturing, and Entertainment Industries

Yesterday, our team at Oclas Consulting had the incredible opportunity to attend the Bloomberg Design + Make event in London, where some of the world's most creative minds gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities in their respective industries. The event proved to be an insightful and inspiring experience, fostering connections and potential collaborations for our company.

An interesting aspect of the event was the discussion on the impact of AI on the workforce across various sectors. The integration of AI technologies is expected to cause a significant shift, driving innovation and efficiency in the design, manufacturing, and entertainment industries.

Each speaker offered unique perspectives on their industry's current state and future. For instance, Marcus Engman from Ingka Group shared insights on how they are prioritising sustainability and circular design in their products, while Mike McGee from Framestore discussed the role of technology in shaping the future of entertainment. Some other key takeaways from the event (#DesignMake) included:

  • Marcus, Creative Director of Ingka Group, emphasised the importance of turning unused resources into products in the future.

  • Leveraging the diversity of London, particularly in creativity, was also highlighted by Marcus.

  • The event featured a mention of "1899," a movie made during the lockdown.

  • It was noted that 50% of the waste in the UK comes from construction.

  • Standardising processes and making them more repeatable was suggested as a way to improve efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

Following the discussions, Lizzie kindly gave us a tour of the Bloomberg European HQ & The London Mithraeum, offering a fascinating insight into the innovative building design. We've included some photos from the event and tour for you to enjoy.

As Oclas Consulting representatives, we were thrilled to network with like-minded professionals from various industries, exchanging ideas and discussing potential collaborations. The event generated promising leads and offered opportunities to build long-lasting professional relationships that will benefit our clients and business.

In addition to the insightful discussions, the Bloomberg Design + Make event featured a networking cocktail reception and building tours of the Bloomberg European HQ & The London Mithraeum, which provided further opportunities for attendees to connect and engage in meaningful conversations. Lizzie, our gracious tour guide, showed us around the innovative building, and we've included some photos from the event and tour on our blog for you to enjoy.

Overall, the Bloomberg Design + Make event was a resounding success for Oclas Consulting. The fusion of creative minds from various industries provided valuable insights and facilitated connections that will undoubtedly lead to future collaborations. We invite you to visit the Oclas Consulting blog to learn more about our experience and insights from this fantastic event. We look forward to attending similar events in the future, where we can continue to explore innovative solutions and work together to make the world a better, smarter, and more sustainable place through good design.

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