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What Oclas Has Been Up To?

Updated: May 9, 2022

Introducing the new Oclas Group Website taking your business from ideation to successful execution.

Oclas Group, a conglomerate, has created a new company website to coincide with the debut of its new brand identity and enhanced service offering.

The new brand update celebrates the company's evolution as an independent consulting group to its current positioning. Furthermore, it provides an insight into our newly streamlined focus and growth into new regions in the following sectors:

  • Renewable energy

  • Digital transformation

  • Modernization

  • Strategy

  • Business change transformation

The objective of this site is to be the central platform of thought leadership and partnership. Our dedication to providing current and prospective clients with quick access to the information they need from Oclas Consulting led to the development of the site. We are excited to share our new website with our clientele, partners, shareholders, and all guests.

"We updated our website giving it a fresh redesign, updating its look and feel in a way that reflects our goals and new outlook as a business. We wanted a website that tells the story of our history, global outreach, dedication to developing and applying cutting-edge software and optimization techniques, artificial intelligence, hybrid working solutions, and gender and ethnic inclusion. Furthermore, a site that showed our commitment to sustainable energy and development, so we worked hard to establish one"

Sheyi Lisk-Carew, CEO of Oclas Consulting.

"We are happy to present our new website and strongly feel it will fulfil the needs of our client base and any prospective new customers," said Tomi Yusuf, Executive Assistant and Project Manager at Oclas Consulting.

As part of its rebrand and new website launch, Oclas Consulting has updated its web address to or

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