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Health and Safety Case Study: Transforming Safety Management for a Leading UK Utility Company

Background – What was the business challenge/opportunity?

One of the largest utility companies in the UK was facing challenges with its health and safety (HSE) practices in asset management. Critical information, such as maintenance manuals for pumps, was not easily accessible. This information was often scattered across various project files, leading to inefficient communication and exposing the company to potential HSE risks. In the utilities sector, HSE incidents are a significant concern, with thousands of incidents occurring annually in the UK alone and even more worldwide.

Impact – What was the value delivered?

There is a legal requirement for every site to have a health and safety file containing information about existing structures, services, operations, and asbestos. To address this, the utility company engaged Oclas Consulting to develop a comprehensive solution to improve HSE in asset management.

Through a thorough analysis of the company's processes, Oclas Consulting identified key areas where HSE practices in asset management could be enhanced, such as:

  1. Risk assessment and mitigation: Ensuring that all potential hazards associated with various assets are identified and addressed through proper safety measures.

  2. Asset inspection and maintenance: Developing and implementing inspection and maintenance schedules for a safer and more reliable asset management system.

  3. Incident management and investigation: Establishing a robust incident response process to identify root causes and take corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.


Oclas Consulting worked closely with the utility company to develop a high-level design (HLD) and conducted workshops to identify the best approach for improving HSE in asset management. The integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Maximo, an asset management software, was proposed to centralise data storage and streamline information sharing among team members.


By implementing the recommendations provided by Oclas Consulting, the utility company significantly improved its HSE practices in asset management. The centralised data storage solution reduced the time spent searching for information, mitigating potential HSE risks, and providing substantial cost savings. The company now boasts a more efficient and safer asset management system, positioning it as an industry leader in HSE compliance.

The success of this case study highlights Oclas Consulting's expertise in helping businesses optimise their HSE practices in asset management. Through a data-driven approach and a deep understanding of industry challenges, Oclas Consulting can help your organisation achieve similar success.

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